Fall For Me

Release date: Later 2017

I’m James Benz. Australian lumberjack champion, rodeo bareback rider, and lady killer. Or at least that’s what my mates say… but that’s all in the past. I left home after Dad died. But I got coaxed into returning home to Tasmania for my friend’s wedding. I wasn’t ready to have my past slam into my heart and mind. And, I definitely didn’t want to bump into an old flame. Except, the moment I see her, I wanted to rope her and wrangle her under me to make my return home bearable.

Call me Nat, short for Natalia Rose. There’s definitely a thorn in my past who flew across the continent and away from our relationship. Now he just happens to back in our hometown? Worse, he’s the guy my boss demands I bring to Sydney for a world championship. The small thing is that James hasn’t competed since he left Tassie. But what if I find it hard to stop myself from jumping into his arms every second we cross paths? And on our first reunion, he doesn’t even recognize me after all the changes I’ve made. This is the perfect moment to use to my advantage and discover why he really left me.